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Are Ready To Cooked Meals Good For Your Health

Is frozen food we eat healthily?

While talking about freezing food, there are various thoughts as discussed for microwaving. Freezing at the least temperature is safer to eat than any other preservative as it is every time good to have it without man-made chemicals added.

Normally, we have grown up cooking food every day fresh, but due to lack of time today, we more concentrate on our convenience rather than our health. If a food is brought during a busy schedule, it is confirmed that your weight and health management will definitely be going to suffer.

We have been trying to extend shelf life by making preservations and help man-made chemicals, as a solution to inconvenience is chosen. Another modern living symptom is consumption of carb-dense and highly processed diet.

Do we Eat Healthy and how to make it convenient?

It’s very easy; you can freeze it in your freezer. It gives an option of increasing shelf life and helps to create convenient and healthy food at the same time. (Still, variety is recommended, and mixing of fresh, raw and cooked meals must be added to your plans is always better)

Frozen and ready to eat food is time and money saver. It is not useful to just stand in a queue after work as much of the food is thrown out without cooked as we have no time for cooking. That does not mean you should not cook any fresh meal, but it is always the best choice to go for healthy-ready to eat frozen food as compared to having a processed sandwich or a junk meal with insulin spiking.

Freezing is not responsible for destroying any nutrients, rather any of the researches declared that freezing does not affect any nutrients, in terms of vitamins and minerals by 5%.

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Your freezer is your future!

You can keep FirChef meals and smoothies right away in a freezer, defrosting time of 2 days in your fridge, and just 2 steps away, heat, Eat and Repeat. You can simply put your health on autopilot by just providing it a great source of nutrition’s and adding a taste in your meals. Do not forget to defrost before you heat, it is ok if you heat frozen meals (you can just open the film by tearing before microwaving)

If you are a health conscious person then you should know that nowadays doing yoga exercise reduces some possibility of certain health issues.

Shelf Life:

FitChef meal can last long, 3 to 6 months in your freezer, if you handle them properly after delivery. (3 months are suggested in order to get the best possible nutrition’s)

You can avoid defrosting at room temperature rather defrost it in your fridge; you must eat the meal before 3 days, once you defrost it. Smoothies can survive for six months in a freezer and two days in a fridge.

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