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Can Yoga Help You to Relieve Pain?

Wow, what a controversial study. The New York Times came up with an article about Yoga and how it can help you to manage pain. I got interested to read this one because the headline was kinda catchy…”Really? The Claim…Yoga Can Help Manage Pain”. When my eyes hit this headline, I thought to myself…Hm, are they trying to be funny?

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There are millions of people out there that relieved their pain by practicing Yoga diligently and now there is a study that says Yoga might help to manage pain, but there is not enough proof if Yoga is actually helping people get rid of the pain?

I do not understand this logic behind it, so I need your help. Here is the article and please tell me, by leaving a comment below what should I think of this? BTW, if you want to read this article, here is the original source.

Can Yoga Really Help to Manage or Relieve Pain?

You tell me! But these guys need some more results, check this out:

Some researchers believe that yoga may alleviate pain through relaxation and the release of endorphins. Others say it may reduce inflammation and promote positive emotions.

Oh well, they need to sell more drugs that relieve the pain and make people dependent on taking them for life! That is why this study could not get to a definitive conclusion. I am just curious why the newspapers these days are lying and making up stories just like that. It would be much better if they say, help the economy, buy our drugs and forget all natural and free methods of pain management!

My favorite part of that Yoga and pain management story is this:


Plenty of studies have tried to determine whether taking up yoga can actually help lessen pain. The control conditions were standard treatments and exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

Nine out of the 10 clinical trials found yoga could help provide relief from pain, which the authors called “encouraging.” But they also noted that no definitive conclusion could be reached, for a number of reasons.

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So if you guys know some people that would like to volunteer for the research share this news via Facebook or Twitter and let’s get them to meet people who live pain-free just because they practice Yoga, meditation and healthy living lifestyle.…