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New York

Central Park (we meet by the Jose Marti Statue)
2015 season coming in Spring!

All group yoga hikes meet under the Jose Marti statue (it is the middle statue of three statues in close proximity, see picture to left), 10 minutes before the start time. Groups start on time and if you are running late call on your teacher´s cell phone and you can catch up en route.

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New York City FAQ

1) Where can I Park?
We strongly recommend taking public transportation.

2) Is water available?
Yes, all of the routes in Central Park will have public fountains although many prefer to bring their own.

3) Is there a place to store things during the hike?
No. Please plan accordingly. Some prefer to bring a small athletic bag to carry keys, cell phones, water, and layers as they heat up.

4) Will it be cold?
Weather is very dynamic so dress in layers as you will sweat.

Central Park

We will explore various routes on this exploration of the many facets of Central Park. There are 58 miles of hiking trails in Central Park offering stunning views and amazing treats for the curious. Enjoy.

New York FAQ

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