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Kansas City

Rotating Schedule
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Come explore Kansas City and get the full social outdoor experience with our exclusive historic Kansas City yoga hikes series starting in May 2013!

Each month we will meet 10 mins before the start of the yoga hike and explore different neighborhoods.

Your instructor will email you the night before the yoga hike and supply all the meeting location details.

1st weekend: Union Station & Surrounds
We meet by the fountain at the entrance of the WWI museum
2nd weekend: South Plaza & Surrounds
We meet by the tennis courts on the West side of the park 10 mins before the start of the yoga hike.
3rd weekend: Nelson Atkins & Rockhill Neighborhood
We meet by the reflective pool on the North side of the museum
4th weekend: Mission Hills
We meet just North of 59th and High Drive
5th weekend: Valentine Neighborhood: Thomas Hart Benton House
We meet in front of the Thomas Hart Benton House

Kansas City FAQ

1. How do I know where to meet the group?
Starting in May we will be offering a variety of interesting and new yoga hikes in Kansas City! Your instructor will send out a confirmation email with details (including meeting location and cell number for emergencies) the night before the yoga hike.

2. Will there be drinking water available?
There are some water fountains available but we strongly recommend people bring their own.

3. Are there restrooms available?
Yes. Please be mindful of the group and make sure to go in advance of the yoga hike.

4. Is parking available nearby?
Yes. Ample parking is available.

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