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Kansas City

Explore KC's most famous neighborhoods while enjoying our bodies. 2015 season coming in Spring!

Come explore Kansas City and get the full social outdoor experience with our exclusive historic Kansas City yoga hikes series. Each week we will meet 10 mins before the start of the yoga hike and explore different neighborhoods. Your instructor will email you the night before the yoga hike and supply all the meeting location details. Come discover why KC has many more treats in store for the intrepid hiker than you would have guessed. Bring your curiosity and come have a blast.

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Kansas City FAQ

1. How do I know where to meet the group?
Starting in May we will be offering a variety of interesting and new yoga hikes in Kansas City! Your instructor will send out a confirmation email with details (including meeting location and cell number for emergencies) the night before the yoga hike.

2. Will there be drinking water available?
There are some water fountains available but we strongly recommend people bring their own.

3. Are there restrooms available?
Yes. Please be mindful of the group and make sure to go in advance of the yoga hike.

4. Is parking available nearby?
Yes. Ample parking is available.

Nelson Museum & Rockhill Neighborhood

We meet at reflective pond on north side of Nelson Atkins Museum. Parking is available for free on 44th St.

Liberty Memorial & Union Station

Liberty Memorial & Union Station: We explore some of the most iconic architecture in KC. We meet at entrance to WWI Museum at base of Liberty memorial and hike the hills of surrounding area. Highlights include interior yoga at Union Station and elevated sidewalks over to Crown Center.

Kauffman Center and Downtown

We meet at world famous Kauffman Center and then explore the trails and streets of downtown. High lights include Power & Light, Library District and all the nooks and crannies of downtown.

UMKC, Rockhurst, & Crestwood

We explore the center of higher education in KC with two campuses and two beautiful neighborhoods most have not visited.

Mission HIlls

We explore the gorgeous hills and homes of KC's most prestigious neighborhood. We will find some of the hidden gems most will want to come back to see again.

Valentine & Roanoke Neighborhood

Explore the neighborhood so inspiring that world famous painter Thomas Hart Benton lived and painted there. The historic Roanoake Hills and Valentine neighborhood offer some of KC's most beautiful home.

Kansas City FAQ

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