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Cross of Center & Oxford in Berkeley, CA.
2015 season starts Sat Mar 7 & meets 1st Sat of ea month thru Nov 7

We meet on the edge of campus near this statue 10 minutes before the start time. Teacher confirms the night before the yoga hike via email and provides emergency cell contact info. Groups start on time and if you are running late call on your teacher´s cell phone and you can catch up en route. Routes vary but generally are approx 3+ miles in length and have average 600-ft elevation.

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Berkeley FAQ

1) What will we see?
We have many routes to choose from in Berkeley. We always start at the campus and show off different architecture before heading up into the hills. The architecture, gardens, and views will take us to a different era. Lots of Maybecks, Morgans, and gorgeous paths on our suburban routes. Big views and open space on our more natural routes.

2) Will there be water available?
Only on certain routes so it is always safe to bring some.

3) Are there bathrooms available?
No, once the hike starts so take care of yourself before we meet.

4) Do we always end at the same spot?
Usually we end where we started .


We meet on the edge of campus near the Globe statue (see to the left) near Oxford and Center 10 minutes before the start time.

Berkeley FAQ

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