How do I sign up with a Groupon? … and many more frequently asked questions are covered below. Please take the time to review before calling us. Thanks in advance!

1. Where can I find the Yoga Hike (YH) schedule?

The 2015 Schedule will be avail in the Spring. To view the schedule for a location, simply go back to the map on the HOME page, click on the desired location on the map, and select the “Schedule” button. You do not need to sign up and complete the process to view the schedule.  In CA: Bay Area locations started in March and are scheduled through May.  Los Angeles will start in late March, early April and does not reflect the schedule yet.  San Diego is available for private Hiking Yoga events only.   In TX:  Season kicked off in March.  Austin is scheduled to start late March.  New York, Portland: Season will kick off in April.  For locations shown in green on the map, please see specific location websites as these locations are run independently of us.

2. How do I create a Mindbody account?

IMPORTANT information about MINDBODY: Mindbody is the program we use to schedule yoga hikes. EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST CREATE THEIR OWN MINDBODY ACCOUNT. Mindbody does not allow you to reserve spots for other people besides yourself.

If you want to attend a Yoga Hike (YH) with other friends, they will need to create their own accounts and sign up themselves, or you can CREATE INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS for each person attending, provided you have the required fields information for them. Required fields are as follows: First and Last Name, Birthday, Mobile phone, How did you hear about us, email and password.

1. Click on the hiking yoga logo above, select the desired location on our map, and then click the “Schedule” button

2. Click on the “Sign Up!” link directly under the Email/Username box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Fill out the required fields, click on the “I agree with the terms of the box” and hit the “Create Account” button.

3. How do I purchase a Gift Certificate from Hiking Yoga?

Hiking Yoga gift certificates are available–perfect for anyone who has a special day coming up! Give someone an awesome gift for those moving to a new city, training for an event, trying to make some changes in life, or simply curious to try something new. We have had birthdays, holidays and friends get-together for a private yoga hike through this thoughtful gift. You can personalize your gift online to make it fun!

1. Log In to your Mindbody account.
2. Select the “Online Store” tab (Top right)
3. Select “Gift Certificates/Credit” (Underneath Yoga Hikes tab)
4. Choose from a single drop in yoga hike or any of our multi-packs. Prices appear below: – 01 Yoga Hike Gift Card: $20 – 03 Yoga Hikes Gift Card: $50 – 05 Yoga Hikes Gift Card $75 – 07 Yoga Hikes Gift Card: $95 – 10 Yoga Hikes Gift Card: $120 – 15 Yoga Hikes Gift Card: $150 For Gift Certificates for a Private Yoga Hikes, you will need to email admin@hikingyoga.com for updated pricing structure.
5. Fill out all the required fields. You will be given the option to email your gift certificate to the recipient of your gift purchase or print a gift certificate at end of the transaction. Choose from a variety of background styles and make sure to Preview them to ensure the accuracy of your selection.
6. Click on the “Make Purchase” button and then “Check Out”
7. Enter the required credit card information, your email so we can email you a receipt and press “Place Order”
8. If you wish to print the Gift Card, simply click on the “Print Prepaid Gift Card” link. Thank you for purchasing an amazing gift from Hiking Yoga. We look forward to meeting your family, friends, co-workers or significant others!

4. Groupon or Daily Deal-type Vouchers. How do I use it?

Daily Deal-type Vouchers include Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, etc.

EACH INDIVIDUAL NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR OWN ACCOUNT IN MINDBODY (the scheduling system we use) See “How do I create a Mindbody account?” above if you need help with creating an account. Once your account is created:

1. Click on the hiking yoga logo above, select the desired location on our map, and then click the “Schedule” button

2. Log in to your MINDBODY account by entering your email/username and password. Click Log In.

3. Click the “Online Store” tab (top right)

4. Select “Groupon” from the drop-down menu.

5. Purchase the “2015 Groupon”–it is zero dollars!

6. Please DO NOT USE THE PROMOTIONAL CODE BOX to enter your daily deal voucher number. Click on “Check Out” button.

7. Please DO NOT USE THE GIFT CARD NUMBER BOX to enter your daily deal voucher number. Enter your email address (if it is not already automatically filled in) and hit the “Place Order” button

8. Click on “Book this Service” button to schedule your hike or simply go to the “Yoga Hikes” tab and find the yoga hike you would like to sign up for.

9. The last step is to email admin@hikingyoga.com your daily deal voucher # and your name. Email Subject line: “Groupon # is: (Enter Number Here)” or “Living Social # is: (Enter Number Here)”, etc, as it applies to you. You are all set! Be sure to get meeting point details and map info by selecting “More Info” on the location you will be visiting! Enjoy your yoga hike!

5. Groupon or Daily Deal-type Vouchers expired: What are my options?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the Groupon or daily-deal-type expiration dates beyond the date printed on your voucher.

We want you to come on out and experience at least once one of our yoga hikes because we feel you will truly love the experience!

As a courtesy, we generally allow for a couple of weeks beyond the expiration date printed and see all Groupon or daily-deals through the end of our season.

So, if you have an UNUSED EXPIRED voucher, we will put your money towards any one of our services.

Simply create an account in Mindbody, if you haven’t already, then send us to the info below to admin@hikingyoga.com:

1) your Mindbody account name and associated email address,
2) the daily deal information including
a) voucher type (please specify Groupon, Living Social, etc.)
b) voucher number.
c) expiration date

We will send you a code you can apply to any one of our services for a discount in the amount you paid Groupon or similar daily deal service we ran on.