Our Founder

Practicing in GoldenGate Park in San Francisco
Teaching group in San Francisco
With my family on birthday

My Story

Growing up youngest of six in a Catholic family in the Midwest, I don’t think I had even heard of yoga until college. I was not ready. Driven by curiosity and a passionate aversion to freezing winters I began traveling to beautiful places. I quickly fell in love with hiking up and down hills from Africa to the Caribbean to the Hawaiian Islands. More influenced by Thoreau, Kerouac, and Muir than Patanjali I wanted to breathe fresh air and be in motion.

I fell equally hard for yoga at 30 and relished 8 years in the studio soaking in all I could integrate. In 2009, I was ready to fuse my two passions and Hiking Yoga was launched. San Francisco was the perfect blend of hills, fresh air, stunning views, and one of the most progressive yoga cultures in the world. Pouring myself into getting more yogis out into the fresh air over the next three years has been the most rewarding and satisfying offering of my career. I am so blessed to be recognized in features in Yoga Journal, CBS, ABC, Forbes Magazine, Frommer’s, Men’s Journal as well as many other local and national media. Even dearer to me are the invigorated smiles on the faces of yogis falling in love again with the hills and trails in their community, feeling their bodies in a new way.

We have locations around the country and soon will have them around the world. Carina and I are now training others to bring Hiking Yoga to their communities. Our innovative teacher training program is equal parts developing business skills and learning to lead yoga hikes. This is a unique combination not offered by any other training and allows you to thrive as both a yoga teacher and business owner.

Sharing insights and wisdom I have picked up along the way is an honor. I love working with studios, retreat centers, and teachers around the world helping them bring their vision to a growing community. I spent 2 years training at Coach U on small business and life coaching. I have always burned with a passion to make my life uniquely mine and this inspires all that I do help my clients do the same.

When not leading a hike, I am usually found hanging with my fabulous wife Carina & our young children Quincy and Joaquin. I am a huge fan of the afternoon nap. We spread our time between Bay Area, Kansas City, and Uruguay.