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Relieve Stress With Yoga Breathing Techniques

How Can You Relieve Stress With Yoga Breathing Techniques in Five Minutes?

Today I have read a very interesting article about some scientific studies about how you can relieve stress with Yoga breathing techniques. I thought that it would be even interesting to my readers of this blog because in today’s way of living there are more people stressed out about the job, bills, education, economy etc… But if you practice Yoga, you will have a huge advantage in terms of beating the stress with as little as 5 minutes of Yoga! Let’s see what the researchers of Boston University in the US have to say about this:

“[Yoga] is resetting everything that keeps you happy and healthy. It’s calming…”

This was said after 6 week Yoga studies done by the above mentioned University in Australia. But there was much more great information about this, so here are couple other things the article published in MensFitness.com talks about:

Yoga Breathing Techniques


Relieve Stress In Five Minutes With Yoga

“I get a lot of people who come in with doctor’s notes for anxiety because they don’t want to go on mood-enhancing drugs,” says Stiles. “It isn’t mysterious anymore—it will help your body.”


Stiles theorizes, “Yoga makes more room in your body and mind. You don’t get wrapped up in the roller coaster of thought patterns or stuff that is disruptive to yourself.”

It is amazing that something as old as Yoga can help relieve stress faster than any modern drugs many doctors are so fast to prescribe to you… All I have to say is, save your money, practice Yoga breathing techniques (air is free…) and get much better results. I hope many people start taking the Yoga breathing techniques more seriously because it can change lives to so many people on this planet.  Please do not forget to recommend this article to all people you know that are stressed out and do not know how to relax and feel better. Just use the Tweet or Facebook button below.

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