Hiking Yoga Training

Hiking Yoga Training offers workshops for all levels including advanced online training for 200-hour certified teachers (or studio owners). Expand your teaching practice & build business skills to bring the most innovative & profitable yoga style home!


Train with Eric Kipp

Our live, interactive, online training format is custom tailored to your needs as a teacher, business owner, and community leader. You will save thousands of dollars in travel expenses while applying your learnings directly in your market while you train.

Application deadline FRIDAY OCTOBER 9, 2015

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The Details

Learn how to

Develop YOUR yoga business

Create a business, marketing and social media plan for your business: identify your ideal target audience, define what makes you unique, create your local brand leveraging Hiking Yoga’s brand to develop more income from private clients, corporate opportunities, workshops & retreats.

Bring Hiking Yoga to YOUR community

Work with the biomechanics and ergonomics of hiking, conduct site selection, sequence asana, integrate meditation and partner yoga

This unique training combines online small group instruction (of up to 6 people) and 1:1 coaching in a 12-week program that will build your entrepreneurial and small business owner skills as a yoga teacher and professional.

In carefully structured weekly meetings, you will learn how to create a yoga hike in your community and lead an unbelievable group experience. You will build your own business, marketing, and social media plan as well as complete a 90-day action plan that will guide you through the first stage of establishing yourself as a business owner.

This training is NOT ONLY about leading yoga hikes. It is about integrating Hiking Yoga into your other offerings to open new relationships with corporate clients, private clients, tourists, etc. to build the yoga career you have been dreaming of. This can be done on a very small budget and quicker than you think if you are willing to hustle and put the training to work!

The Training Structure

We have broken down the HYT into 3 independent courses:
(1) Creating An Inspiring Yoga Business
(2) Authentic Marketing: Building Your Community
(3) Bring Hiking Yoga to Your Community
Each of the courses consists of 3 weekly small group online sessions and a 4th 1:1 coaching session with Hiking Yoga™ Founder & certified Business and Life Coach, Eric Kipp.
Although we recommend taking all three courses in the order shown above, the courses can be done independently of each other.

Your Investment

Each of the three courses offered is $595 each. Payment must be done in advance of the first session of each course. You must set aside a minimum of 4-6 hours a week in addition to the meeting session times in order to get the most out of this training.

Our Investment

We are invested in your success as a business owner and entrepreneur! Students who complete all 3 courses have the option of linking to our hikingyoga.com homepage receiving a personalized webpage facilitating SEO in your area and allowing for instant searchability on the internet!

Next Steps

The application process is simple:
1) submit the online application and
2) we will contact you to set up a 25-30 minute phone interview to discuss your specific profile, goals and expectations.

Be sure to check out the HYT FAQ’s, our video on HYT, and Eric’s TedX talk.

Still, have more questions?
Please contact us via our contact us link or you may Contact eric@hikingyoga.com or carina@hikingyoga.com.