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  • Bring your practice to new heights!

  • Get your cardio in

  • Take your yoga practice outdoors

  • Have fun with your friends

    ... and explore your community!

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Teacher Training

Join our next Hiking Yoga™ Training session and have your business up and running in 90 days! Join the growing Hiking Yoga™ Network!

Business Coaching

Our Business Coaching allows you direct access to the expertise that will help bring your vision to fruition under your terms! Work one on one with industry leader Eric Kipp.

Private Events

Hiking Yoga™ Private Events are ideal for your team-building events, bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations. Reserve your private yoga hike today!

More coming soon!

Hiking Yoga in San Francisco

One of our early yoga hikes in San Francisco--excellent example of what you might expect from a yoga hike at this locati...

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